Door is the first project of IN&OUT series.
This project is presented as an installation in which a false, closed door is appreciated through whose lock one can observe the interior of a room. This is not more than a simulation projected in a small screen LCD that is located exactly behind the lock. Therefore, the spectator has the impression of seeing a room behind the door, when there is not more than a wall.
Through the lock one can see the exactly later moment of a crime. On the floor, part of a cadaver is appreciated and the murderer’s acts are developed in a nervous way, as if he didn’t know what to do. The action is
executed with the biggest naturalness, what leads us to believe that he is not acting. The spectator has the sensation that he is living something real. At the same time two small speakers are included at the back of the door, so the spectator can listen what happens inside. Nevertheless the spectator maybe doesn’t see it in its integrity. It can be that he only sees some seconds of the it and don’t understand what happens. The curiosity is what allows him to end up apprehending the sense of the work.

Test it clickking on the keyhole in the following door:

Door Sketch by Jesús Azogue