Inside of an old Ice Cellar, in the depths of the earth, we can appreciates a hole in the soil and a glass box with balls of ping-pong. A projection in the wall shows the interior of the hole: a girl, alone, trapped.

The spectator launches a ball in the hole and thorugh the projection he can see how it hits the girl who starts crying and complaining. The more balls the spectator launches, the mor the girl cries.
All is fiction. A software and sensors work the illusion. The viewer interacts with the artwork as in a video-game.
This work was presented in Brussels in December of 2005 inside the project Thin Line, curated by Jan van Woensel with the assistance of Milovan Ferronato and presented at Nadine (Brussels)

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Images from Teasing by Jesús AzogueImages from the Ice cellar where Teasing was presented