Visit Your e-Neighborhood

There is a new neighborhood in Brussels.
Today we often do not realize that we are all part of a virtual society and that our neighbors here in Brussels are not only people that live next door but also people that we are connected to via the Internet.
Experience this connection by participating in the online part or the physical dimension of our interactive installation. Become part of this artwork by talking & interacting with your virtual neighbors.
The experience:
Offline: Ring the door bell of your virtual neighbors & interact with people from anywhere in the world.
Online: Visit and see the visitors of Nuit Blanche in Brussels.
Interact with the public, create a dialog and add your personal touch to our artwork by engaging them in a dialog.


e-neighbour by Jesús Azogue


Jesús Azogue
Mira Bangel

Many thanks to:
Rosa Jiménez Alonso
Fabrice Boutique
Jimmy Chien
Paul Cobbaut
Daniel Peußner
Nathalie Dudognon
Lydia Balz
Pablo Carrascosa
Gabriela Doicaru
Nicolas Charloteaux
Dongqing Zhang
e-neighbour project sketch

Images from e-neighbour by Jesús Azogue