From my interest in new forms of narration and with the intention of creating the confusion in the spectator between reality and fiction, the idea of developing a fictitious personage inspired and arose during the first year of Transmedia. It would be an excuse for the creation of several artworks.

The influence of the theories of the philosophers Walter Benjamin, Heidegger, Derridas or Baudrillard is palpable in the creation of a personage with a very individual vision of reality. In this character, the truth on which we base our everyday life, the rules that permit us to define the world, lose weight and allow disorder, chaos or injustice and create the fear of insecurity. In fact, this is why I decided to create a personage with the characteristics of an “outsider”, a psychopath, a serial murder, who kills for no reasons and for whom no moral rules exist.



Images from the Instalation