Many people have great ideas. More than you might think. 

In order to transform an idea into something real, it needs to be expressed in some way. Expressing your idea gives you the chance to find someone that shares your values, can help you develop your idea or simply feels inspired by your expression. The Internet gives us a unique opportunity to find people that like our ideas – even if we’ve never met them in person. At this year’s Nuit Blanche you have the opportunity to express an idea and we will help you 'grow' it with the e-tree installation.

e-tree is an interactive project that will take place at the Nuit Blanche of Metz and Brussels the 2nd and 3rd of October 2009.

Visitors and people from the web will be able to insert text to our system, which will make a tree grow.

You can come on the web the day we make the performance and participate online on the growing of the e-Tree.

Join us ad express your own ideas!


Jesús Azogue
Mira Bangel
Inge Mestdagh
Thomas Popovits
Steven Ramsdonck

Places where it will be shown:

Metz: 02 October 2009 20h - 02 h Lycée Louis Vincent (Metz, France)

Brussels: 03 October 2009 20 - 02 h Mont des Arts (Bruxelles, Belgium)